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Bronze Age log boats Must Farm UK

At Must Farm Quarry near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire England, a  prehistoric settlement  was located as part of a prehistoric landscape known as Flag Fen which was a swampy river 3,500 years ago.
Today this site is owned by Hanson UK, as a quarry to extract clay used in the manufacture of bricks. In 2016 eight prehistoric log boats, most of which were in an incredible state of preservation due to the wetland nature of the area. were unearthed , many described the site as ”Britain's Pompeii”.The boats were virtually intact and some have elaborate features including lifting handles, grooves for transom boards and evidence of decoration. 
The bronze age inhabitants of the area adapted to their environment by building boats, by far the quickest way to travel in the wet landscape. These boats considered to be precious maritime artefacts, their presence gives us an evident clue to  environmental  fluctuations, They are  of immense historical value, they  need to be studied and passed on to next generations to enhance their understanding towards the changing climate and changing landscape and therefor the necessity of technological adaptation.

by Idrees Ibrahim adam