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Dutch students create 3d model of 17th century ship

Ab Hoving, former chief conservator of ship models for the Rijksmuseum, created a stunningly detailed 3D model of a pinas ship based on the 1671 book by Nicolaes Witsen entitled Aeloude en hedendaegsche Scheepsbouw en Bestier. This seventeenth-century standard reference book offers a detailed description of Amsterdam shipbuilding in general and the pinas ship in particular. Hoving can be considered the leading expert in the field of seventeenth-century Dutch shipbuilding and penned a full analysis of Witsen's book.

The digital 3D model was created using DELFTship, a software package for the shipbuilding industry created by Delft University of Technology. The full publication contains detailed descriptions and drawings from Witsen's book and the fascinating knowledge gleaned by Hoving throughout his long career – knowledge that should be carefully preserved. The pinas model is an excellent source of reference for historians and maritime archaeologists researching ship components. With this in mind, we want to make this information available to a wider audience. In 2016, we plan to collaborate with students from various universities of applied sciences to determine how we can make this model available online.