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Maritime in the media

Maritime heritage is a popular subject in the media. The Maritime Programme was able to contribute to many articles in newspapers and magazines, news items and (short) documentaries. Some highlights of the subjects that gained publicity and the corresponding fragments can be found below (in Dutch, except for the South Korean interview below).

In the last week of December 2015, the series Oosterschelde's Odyssey can be seen daily on NPO2. Wednesday, December 30, the episode is dedicated to Cape Horn. Martijn Manders and René Rentinck were followed to Puerto Deseado, a desolate area in southern Argentina with a special significance for  Dutch maritime history. Manders and Rentinck tell us how, along with Argentine colleagues, they did archaeological research as part of their search for the remains of the Hoorn. In 1615 the ships the Hoorn and the Eendracht left Horn, led by Willem Schouten and Jacob Le Maire, sailing to Asia with the intention to bypass the VOC monopoly via a southern route. The Hoorn was lost on the coast of Argentina.

In January, it’s the 400th anniversary of Schouten and Le Maire discovering Cape Horn. In 2016 we will publish more reports and articles in our eMagazine on this. These will include interviews with local archaeologists, historians and residents about the importance of this maritime heritage for the history of Argentina and the Netherlands. Check our Facebook page regularly!

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In 2015 the Erfgoedwet was adopted. The law will come into force in mid-2016. An interview in ‘Met het oog op morgen’ (Dutch radio show) about the significance of the new law for maritime heritage (listen from 49:20):

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The research in the Oostvoornse meer attracts a lot of attention in the media. In ‘Met het oog op morgen’ (Dutch radio show) an interview about the shipworm:

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RTV Rijnmond also made an item about the shipworm in the Oostvoornse meer:

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‘De Kennis van Nu’ (Dutch television programme) devotes an entire edition to a particular wreck in the Oostvoornse meer. Diederik Jekel and Martijn Manders do research together on a wreck dating from the 17th century. A multidisciplinary team of archaeologists, wood experts and historians  reconstruct the history of the OVM 12. A ship that ran on a sandbank in the second half of the seventeenth century at the mouth of the river and perished:

Kennis van nu >

NTR made an extensive web special about wreck diving, very worthwhile!:

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Many reports about the lawsuit surrounding the British diver Vincent Woolsgrove. On Radio 1, an interview about the case and how underwater archaeology works:

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De Kennis van Nu radio (Dutch radio programme) interviewed several stakeholders about wreck diving and includes questions that come up in connection with the exploration of a possible German submarine during an expedition of ‘Duik de Noordzee Schoon’, a Dutch diving community:

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During the fieldwork at Burgzand North (a wrecksite at Texel, in the Netherlands) NPO makes a radio report about the archaeological survey. Read the article and listen to the interview:

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Tijd voor Max (Dutch television programme) made an item about the IJsselmeer Kogge, the wreck which is being excavated in Kampen, and about shipwrecks in the Netherlands. How do we deal with all those wrecks? Martijn Manders and Wouter Waldus were interviewed about it:

Tijd voor max >

An article in the newspaper of the Port of Rotterdam (Havenkrant) on maritime archaeology, the archaeological research in the Oostvoornse meer and the special wrecks there you can admire underwater.

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In the newspapers of the Holland Media Combination an article about the exhibition: "Sicily and the sea”.  Martijn Manders is interviewed about the maritime history of the island and speaks about archaeological research in one of the most beautiful diving spots in the world.

In Colombia the wreck of the San Jose is discovered. What about ownership of such a wreck? And people are making estimates about the economic value, but what about the cultural value? The South Korean radio shows interest on the subject (from 53:00):

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The Archeobrief published an article on Early Medieval shipwrecks in the Netherlands, ‘Vroeg Middeleeuwse scheepsresten in Nederland’:

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In Vitruvius, an article about fleets, silver and heroes, as a result of archaeological research in Cuban waters:

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