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In memory of my grandfather, a fisherman from Scheveningen

Whenever I look at the North Sea I think of my grandfather, a fisherman from Scheveningen, who has sadly passed away many years ago when I was still a child. The North Sea has since then become tangible and intangible heritage for me due to the bond between my grandfather, Scheveningen, the North Sea and myself. Whenever I am in Scheveningen I feel like my grandfather is there with me, when I am on the beach, at Simonis at the harbour, and when I am near the entrance of the Scheveningen harbour (Dutch: havenhoofd), which was one of his most favourite places.
Many memories linger there. However, at home we have a miniature of the SCH-68, a fishing ship from Scheveningen. My grandfather worked on a similar fishing ship before World War II. This miniature ship is my most favourite maritime heritage, because it belonged to my grandfather and it symbolises my grandfather, Scheveningen and the North Sea. It is therefore not just tangible heritage, it is intangible heritage. While I cannot visit Scheveningen often, I can always go home and ‘visit’ Scheveningen, the North Sea and my grandfather via the miniature.

By Hidde Moerland