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My father's ship model

Water played an important role in the life of my father. As a born West Frisian he already had his own rowing boat when he was twelve years old. His father had a small island in Graft-De Rijp (under Alkmaar) and an uncle had a watermill at De Woudaap in Kinderdijk before the war. I myself remember holidays in the 60s with a rented boat on the Frisian lakes to watch the Skûtsjesilen from a good berth with the family. Later my father had one sailing boat after another and finally an electric boat with which small groups made trips through the Weeribben, over the Gieterse lake and the Beulakerwiede (head of the province Overijssel).
My father does not live anymore, but from him I got my love of water. That's why I'm careful with the ship's model that used to be on his desk. It is typically a fishing boat that you could find in the 19th century on the Zuiderzee or on the North Sea coast. Presumably it is a Botter. A boat, water, wind and a bottle of gin on board. That was all my father needed. 

Moniek Wiedijk