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UNESCO WW I: Scientific conference on the occasion of the centenary of World War I. Brugge

©Frank Leloire

As part of the centenary of the First World War, UNESCO organised an international symposium in Bruges in June 2014. Various experts presented current status of historical and archaeological research on shipwrecks from the First World War.

On-site conservation and management were also important aspects. Many of the shipwrecks from the First World War are made of iron, making them extremely susceptible to corrosion in the absence of suitable measures. Will Brouwers from the Maritime Programme was asked to hold a lecture and a work session on the Dutch experience with MACHU GIS and MACHU WIS tools. These systems are being used by the programme for archaeological management purposes and to better understand the Netherlands' underwater cultural heritage.

The goal of the work session was to come up with suggestions that could be used to create an internationally acceptable and applicable GIS system to describe and manage UHC from the First World War.