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Maritime Heritage is a subject that I am working on continuously: doing research on everything that has to do with the relationship between people and water, to find out what we wish to protect and safeguard for future generations. I also have my favourite heritage: the Scheurrak SO1 wreck in the Wadden Sea, for several reasons.

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Het vergaan van de Batavia is voor Nederland én Australië een bijzonder verhaal uit ons gedeeld verleden. Martijn Manders was deze maand op Beacon Island samen met andere onderzoekers uit Australië en Nederland in het kader van het Roaring ‘40s project. Ze gingen op zoek naar de opvarenden van de Batavia, die hier zijn overleden en begraven.

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The research within the ‘Shipwrecks of The Roaring Forties’ project continues with fieldwork from Nov 1st until Nov 11nd on Beacon Island, the location where the people of the Dutch East Indiaman (VOC) ship the Batavia stranded.

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One thing that makes the #Rooswijk1740 project unique is the possibility for so many groups to participate. Especially for students in maritime archaeology this is a rare opportunity to follow an underwater excavation closely and gain experience in the field. Other disciplines involved are for instance finds handling, conservation, heritage management, museology and communication.

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Today we give you a short update about the work that the joint Dutch-English team of archaeologists is doing on the Rooswijk shipwreck.

The Rooswijk was a Dutch East Indian (VOC) ship that sank on an outbound journey on the Goodwin Sands in the UK, one day after it left the Texel Roads. All hands were lost and the wreck is now lying at approximately 24 metres depth.

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