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On Saturday the 10th of November MA students from the course Heritage, Archaeology and Maritime Landscapes visited Batavialand.
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The National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in Tainan (Taiwan) organized a symposium on the 15th of October, “Dutch Colonial Heritage”: an archaeological perspective ” related to their research on the Dutch VOC fort Zeelandia (nowadays known as Fort Anping), which is situated in the Anping district of that city.

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The remains of the original walls of Fort Zeelandia in Taiwan.

Traditional flat-bottomed fishing boats for the shallow waters around Taiwan. The low coast water caused problems for the inflow and outflow but also for Fort Zeelandia.

The remains of a bastion of Fort Zeelandia.

From Amsterdam a reference collection of potteries was gifted to the University of Tainan. Here Ranjith Jayasena explains the collection to the students.

Ranjith Jayasena and Oscar Hefting are reviewing the remains of the Fort Zeelandia together.

Even though universities in the Netherlands do not offer a Master in Maritime Archaeology, archaeology students from Leiden University do get the chance to explore their interest in maritime archaeology in the course Heritage, Archaeology and Maritime Landscapes.

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