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Technical problems dive ship: excavation of the Rooswijk temporarily delayed

Monday, July 17, 2017 - 09:45

Excavation of the Rooswijk temporarily delayed: archaeologists start diving on the 27th of July

Due to technical problems the excavation of the Rooswijk is delayed. Two of the four anchor cables that have to keep the expedition ship De Terschelling in its place above the wreck site, have been damaged. The ship returned to Ramsgate harbour on the 14th of July in order to let the crew of De Terschelling solve this problem. Diving safety always comes first, therefore the project team decided to postpone the expedition until all the material has been replaced and tested. In August and September the project will be fully operational again. Martijn Manders, project leader #Rooswijk1740 and programme manager maritime heritage at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands talks about the delay in the vlog below.