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eHeritage, Virtual Reality and 3D

Archaeology has a long tradition of using visual representations to depict the past. 

The Rooswijk project is combining VR and excavation, bringing up real stuff, and as this project is well on its way, it may be a good time to look into the use of VR in maritime archaeology.

With especially the introduction of the easy-to-use AgiSoft software to produce stunning 3D-photographic models of about anything, underwater and maritime archaeology gained a marvellous new tool for registration of individual objects as well as whole sites. Fast recording of a site, location of finds and context in general is very important underwater since the time we can spend there as a diver is limited.

The 3D can help us with something else as well. It shows us what is lying underwater, so with this tool we can start bringing the site to the public as well. 


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